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Small Business Set up

You have a business idea – now what? Is your business actually growing even though you think you should be operating as if you are still in the start-up phase? Is it time to hire someone to handle your bookkeeping?  SBE Consulting will help you figure all of that out!  We will complete a comprehensive analysis of your business and develop a plan for you to be ready for that next opportunity!


How much did you earn last year in your business?  Do you understand the difference between net income and earnings before interest and tax?  How much does it really cost for you to make that product or provide services? SBE Consulting helps you identify what it actually costs to do business and what your sales should be to achieve your business’s financial goals.

Program/Project Management

You’ve won that big contract you worked so hard to get – now what?  What does all this mean?  Sometimes you may receive a contract award or business proposal that will benefit your business but you may lack the time or knowledge to fulfill the requirements.  Do you give up?  This is where SBE Consulting can help!  With our experience with contracting and procurement with local, state and federal governments, we can make sure that you meet all of your requirements so you can maximize your opportunity for future awards.


You’ve hired your first two employees – now what?  What are the labor laws pertaining to your industry?  What is the difference between an independent contractor and an employee?  What certifications do I need for my business?  SBE Consulting can answer these questions and many more.  We offer training in areas such as defining employee vs. independent contractor relationship, certifications for doing business with public entities, how to win that state contract, and many more.

Document Analysis

Do you have the necessary documents to conduct business? Do you have written policies and procedures for your employees? What information should you include on quotes and invoices? SBE Consulting provide a complete evaluation of your business documents and recommendations that will best meet your business needs.  Don’t have a document or manual – we can create one for you!

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